Task Proposal for the Formation of The Children Online Working Group

Version 1.0
Submitted Jan. 18, 2000


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Parry Aftab (ISOC, Internet Societal Steering Committee; Vice Chair, Privacy Working Group of The Internet Society Task Force; Executive Director, Cyberangels (www.cyberangels.org); Special Counsel, New Media Law, Darby & Darby, P.C.) and other members of the ISTF and ISSG.


The Children Online WG is designed to make sure that all children have equitable access to a safe, private and educational Internet, to encourage the development of educational resources online for children, and to work with related WGs, parents,technologists, watchdog groups and law enforcement regarding privacy and safety (including combating online child pornography and sexual exploitation of children).


The Children Online WG will address all online issues relating to children, from use and access to education, safety and privacy. Children are a special constituency of internet users, and their needs require special attention. The WG will explore the positive aspects and challenges of children's online internet use, including equitable access/digital divide issues (special needs children, children of varying cultures, races, national origin, financial backgrounds, etc.); and encouraging quality and culturally relevant content, including the effective use of the internet in education. The WG will also explore ways to address the negative aspects of children's online internet use, including studying law enforcement and private efforts to combat crimes against children (such as pedophiles, child pornography, and cyberstalking); analyzing the existence and need for content legislation including those addressing sex, hate and violence online, and private sector solutions such as filtering software and related technologies; discussing children's privacy issues, including regulation and enforcement; and promoting prevention and education, including safety issues, crime prevention, and education initiatives for children, parents, and educators. These discussions will occur with recognition for regional safety, privacy and value concerns. The Children's Online WG will attempt to encourage a positive perspective of the Internet and effective and intelligent content management. It will interface with other related WGs through liaisons and joint membership.


To provide expertise on the covered topics to other groups and entities, and to perform and support research, studies, educational efforts, multinational  resources and government, commercial and private sector common projects.