Public Software WG Proposal

Version 3.3, Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Will be removed when replaced or recalled by proposing group.

Proposing group in alphabetical order:


Access to the Internet is not possible without the use of appropriate software. We believe that technological approaches such "open source" and "free software" hold the key in realizing the ISOC goal of "Internet is for everyone".

This is particularly important for economically disadvantaged people and for developing countries where the availability of the source code is expected to play a positive role in the development of computer science.

In addition we believe that the wide spread adoption of free sofware will have long term legal implications and we intend to follow these developments.

We propose the creation of a working group whose purpose would be to promote the use of open source technologies, and we chose the title of "Public Software" to signify our committment to make this possible.


The Public Software Working Group set themselves the following objectives:

Develop online resources


Promote the idea of free software inside and outside of ISTF, through contacts, writings and events. In particular:

Legal Issues

Examine at the wider issues touched by and related to free software such as:



We would like to warmly acknowledge here the help provided by the following individuals: