DRAFT istfdocs-intitial_structure-2-draft.txt


Version 2. Submitted 15 oct 1999. Will be removed 15 nov 1999.

CONTACT: David Nordfors, David@Nordfors.se

David Nordfors, Editor - ISTF Documentation Series 
email: David@Nordfors.se
tel: +46-708-371441
Christine Maxwell
email: maxwell@aix.pacwan.net

Vinton G. Cerf, Chairman - ISTF
email: vcerf@mci.net

This is a draft of the initial structure of the ISTF Documentation Series. It contains a Draft series, one ISTF archival series, and one academic publishing series. It also includes a "folder" series - a folder for each task, including a short presentation of the task and links to all documents. Some proposed publications are: Task Proposals, Drafts, ISTF Reports, Journal of the ISTF and The Wet Ink Sumary Newsletter.

Here is a suggestion for the initial structure of the ISTF Documentation series. The first point on the agenda is to get going with mechanisms for documenting agreements, registring tasks and publishing results. More advanced & extrovert publications can be added later on.
Abbr What it is
Task Proposals and Drafts
TPD Temporary precursor stages of ISTF work
Societal Task Force Documents STFDOC The ISTF archival series
(*) ISTF Work Groups WG Work Group "folders"
(*) ISTF Tasks TASK Task "folders". A task is performed within a work group
(*) Journal of the ISTF JIST Peer reviewed academic research journal


Task Proposals and Drafts. (TPD)

This is not an archival series - it consists of temporary publications which can *not* be referred to in archival documents (the links will go dead when the documents are removed). They can be referred to in other temporary documents.

The drafts are working documents, in the style of "Internet-drafts" of the IETF (you can see them here: http://www.ietf.org/ID.html )

The ISTF task proposal is an addition to this model. A proposal declares an intention of creating and performing a task and a wish for feedback directly to the author. It is meant as a tool to make it easier for the ISTF participants to build a critical mass around an idea for a task. Some proposals will generate tasks, other might not.

A proposal should be short - maximum 4000 characters. It should be written in a clear and concise style:

This is who we are (or I am), This is how to contact us, This is what we want to do, This is why we are posting this proposal, This is how far we have come today, etc....

Proposals and drafts have an expiration date after which they are removed unless the authors prolong it. We should find a mailbot that can see to that notifications are sent automatically to the authors a week before deletion.

The draft/proposal is a text file with the name

"<short title - revision no -workgroup abbr>.txt"

Proposed initial format of a DRAFT:

DRAFT <short title - revision no -workgroup abbr>-draft.txt

Version <version number>. Submitted <date>. Will be removed <date>.

CONTACT: <Name & modes of contact (email/telephone/address)>

<Name/s & contact information (+ affiliation/s)>

ABSTRACT: Max 400 characters summing up the draft


Proposed initial format of a TASK PROPOSAL:

TASK PROPOSAL <short title - revision no -workgroup abbr>-tap.txt


Version <version number>. Submitted <date>. Will be removed <date>.

CONTACT: Name & email (telephone/home page/address)

PROPOSERS: Name & contact information of Proposer/s (+ affiliation/s)

ABSTRACT: Max 200 characters summing up the proposal

What we plan to do.
Why we are posting this proposal - what response we are looking for.
Where we are standing today.
What we believe our next steps are.

Any other pertinent information eg: How long time we beleive it will take to get the proposed task done; people and/or organisations that are supporting this proposal; existing/possible funding; other people who you recommend should become involved in this project etc.


Societal Task Force Documents - STFDOC

This is the archival series of the ISTF. It contains all official documents of the ISTF. For example:

- Minutes from ISSG meetings
- Minutes from work group meetings
- ISTF Reports - the official report from an ISTF task
- ISTF Wet Ink Summary, a newsletter about the latest publications

(+ more to come)

The Wet Ink Summary newsletter is a way of giving people interested in the ISTF a "latest update" of all the latest added documents, including the drafts, task proposals and academic research papers (more about this later on). Each document is presented with a very short abstract. ISTF will need a sufficient frequency of published documents before we have the material needed for a periodic newsletter. It may be preceeded by newsflashes sent out each time we receive a new document (when they become too many the time is right for a newsletter).

Some publications within the STFDOC, such as white papers from completed tasks, need some more work before launching, since we need to find a good way of performing quality control.

ISTF Work Groups and ISTF Tasks

Registring a work group or a task is like opening a folder.

A work group is formed for achieving results within a well defined area or performing a set of linked tasks. A work group is submitted by the co-ordinator of the work group. It should be supported by the ISSG.

A task is submitted to the editor by the chief investigator. It should be supported by a work group or the ISSG.

The Work Group "folder" contains a header:


Registered <date>. Completed <date> (if succesfully completed). Closed <date> (if closed).
Co-ordinator: <name, email>
Participants: <names, emails, roles>

Objects of the Work Group: (text)

Tasks of the Work Group: (links to tasks)


The TASK "folder" contains a header:

<WORK GROUP> (or ISSG) TASK <task number>


Registered <date>. Completed <date> (if succesfully completed). Closed <date> (if closed).
Chief investigator: <name, email>
Participants: <names, emails, roles>

Milestones: <MILESTONES> (including planned or actual dates for completion) (there could be something here about the information strategy of the work)

Then a folder containing links to STFDOCs, links to peer reviewed publications (Journal of the ISTF or others) + any other relevant links or documents

Links to drafts are kept in a separate folder "Drafts and other temporary working documents".


Journal of the ISTF

A peer reviewed academic journal for publishing articles building on task work. This will permit researchers to participate in ISTF tasks as a part of their payed work. We can start pretty soon in finding qualified academics for an editorial board.

(Apart from this we ought to work up a capacity for publishing press releases & popular summaries for defined target groups for certain STFDOCs and academic papers. )