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TASK PROPOSAL Development of ISTF Bylaws, Proceedures, and Guidelines

Version 1.2
Submitted 010611


Jeremy Hunsinger, ISSG Member and ISTF Member   jhuns@vt.edu


Ted Gavin
Jeremy Hunsinger
Sam Kritikos
Stephan Probst
Debbie Spackman


To write a set of bylaws and to write procedures as necessary to establish a system that allows effective operation of ISTF including:

What we plan to do

Write a set of bylaws/procedures/guidelines for ISTF and ISSG to be approved by ISSG with an eye toward past problems.

Why we are posting this proposal - what response we are looking for

We are looking for participants to help write these bylaws

Where we are standing today

We have some basic documentation on the website and we have some defined practices.

What we believe our next steps are

We aim to constitute a list, recruit the members, establish a timeline and proceed to actually write the bylaws instead of talking about the need.