Task Proposal: Affordability Requirements towards Technical Internet Standards

Version: 0.1
Submitted: 2001-05-29
Will be removed: when withdrawn by the author,  but not later than 2001-11-29


Stefan Probst (stefan.probst@opticom.v-nam.net)

Proposers: Stefan Probst et al. (to be determined)


The use of Internet applications requires resources, which are not automatically available to every user. This includes, but is not limited to:

- available bandwidth
- required reliability of the connection
- power of the hardware
- language and literacy skills
- physical abilities

If not taken duly care of, existing applications and the underlying technologies, and especially new developments, pose the danger of widening the gap between those who have/can afford the required resources, and those who have/can not.


The proposed Task Group - subject to changes of the members - intends to produce:

1. A general resolution, to be submitted for revision by the ISTF  and approval by ISSG, to ask IETF and related organizations, to include a "default" revision of their work under the a.m. considerations.

2. A white paper (list) on possible concrete implementations,  for discussion with relevant IETF bodies.

Once those deliverables have been produced, the Task Group would disband again.

Possible follow-up could be a joint group with IETF participants to compile an RFC to implement the objectives.

Desired Side-effects

Raising of awareness amongst "content packagers" like webdesigners, to pack/design not only for latest technology/highest bandwidth etc.,but to have also "special needed" (in many regards) users in mind...


To be agreed on with the first members.


No need envisaged.

Already done

A first draft has been posted to the ISTF list, which found general approval and some good comments. There seems to be interest to pursue this goal.

Next steps

 Especially looked for:


This task might serve also as guinea pig to get experiences which might finally lead to some more detailed procedure descriptions.