STFDOC 3 registered 17 FEB 2000 
This version: STFDOC 3-2 - 22 FEB 2000
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Rob Horne,


Alejandro Pisanty
Bill Pierce
David Norfors
Editor, ISTF Documentation Series
Debbie Spackman 
ISTF Website Management
Graciela J. Caplan
Lawrence Hecht
Marie-Anne Delahaut
Mark Perkins
Michael Burks
Rob Horne
ISTF Website Work group co-ordinator
Tim Austin
ISTF Website Management
Waddell, Cynthia

Objects of the Work Group

Our overall aim is to make the ISTF website: accessible, useful and interesting. 

Archival documents (not linked to tasks)

Tasks of the Work Group

The ISTF Website Workgroup has a dedicated mailing list.
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Previous versions of this STFDOC replaced by this version:
STFDOC3-1 - 17 FEB 2000